Read about what long-time Beyond Soccer volunteer, Deven Sportelli, of North Andover has to say about her time with Beyond Soccer kids. 

Volunteer Spotlight - Deven (right corner)Deven participated in a 2013 equipment exchange of cleats and shin-pads, headed up by her mom and founder of Everyone’s a Player, benefiting our low income families. During that introduction Deven expressed immediate interest in our programs, and just a few months later began volunteering regularly during our Saturday city-wide recreational league that introduces elementary school students to soccer. She has been committed to our Lawrence kids ever since.

“I began volunteering at Beyond Soccer going into my freshman year of high school. Now, as I am finishing up my senior year in high school, I am still committed and amazed as to what Beyond Soccer has done for the community. One of my favorite things about the organization is their passion for soccer. It has definitely had a huge influence over the players and introduced a new activity to many children. It’s so exciting to see young kids getting involved in a sport that I grew up playing. I love teaching them new tricks, rules of the game, and watching them run around. One of my favorite memories with is volunteering at their summer camps. It’s a great chance to get on a closer level with the players and spend the day with them. Every year I am able to see the players become better athletes and it’s amazing to know that I had an impact in their progress. Because of Beyond Soccer I have been given this opportunity to share my love of soccer with my community.” – Deven