Our Staff

Stephanie McArdle

Stephanie McArdle

Executive Director

Stephanie began the programs that evolved into Beyond Soccer, growing it from its grassroots--12 girls on the first travel team--to a year-round, sports-based youth development organization, serving 2,000 kids. Steph, who captained the Michigan Women’s Soccer Team for 2 seasons, recognizes the power of sport to lift kids out of difficult situations. She’s a MA Youth Soccer Board Member and champions field development efforts that will "level the playing field for more kids. Recently, Stephanie decided to go back to school and pursue her Executive Master’s Degree in Public Service & Nonprofit Management at Texas A&M.

Fun Fact: Steph’s high school nickname, "Noonie" stuck with her in college & many still call her "Noon" today.

Marino Valdez

Marino Valdez

Director of Beyond Volley Programs

Marino grew up in a neighborhood in the Dominican Republic in a family of athletes; he and two of his brothers played for DR national team! After moving to the U.S., he became coach of Lawrence High School volleyball and led the girls to a MVC championship. Coach Valdez was awarded coach of the year without speaking English. Marino says that "being able to help young people become better citizens, athletes, children, professionals, but above all, to keep them out of trouble," is why he loves coaching.

Fun fact: "When I was 22 years old I filled in as a coach for my oldest brother‘s company volleyball team. That’s where I met 21 year old Raiza, who one year later became my wife of over 30 years!"

Johnny Noel

Johnny Noel

Operations Director

A native of the Merrimack Valley, after a successful career in the public sector of government, Johnny made the jump to the non-profit world in August 2014. Today, Johnny handles the day-to-day operations, this includes CORI management, human resources, bookkeeping, vendor relations, coach-mentor oversight, facility management, plus some fundraising duties. Johnny Currently sits on the Disciplinary Committee for the Essex County Youth Soccer Association and holds several grassroots coaching licenses from US Soccer and is a certified referee for both soccer & futsal at the high school level and younger. Johnny earned degrees from Middlesex Community College, U-Mass Lowell, and the University of South Alabama Grad School. He’s most proud of his efforts facilitating the merger between Beyond Soccer and Merrimackvolley for Beyond Volley and the development of our first-ever space sharing concept at the Sports HUB (pictured above).

FUN FACT: Johnny & his older brother were both born on a Wednesday at 5:32 pm!

Chris Marin

Chris Marin

Director of Beyond Soccer Programs

Chris, the oldest of nine brothers and sisters, began playing soccer at age 5. By age 8 he fell in love with the game. He credits soccer and those who pushed him to stick with it over the years to being a constant positive influence in his life, always steering him in the right direction. He‘s always wanted the chance to pay forward the opportunities he’s been given in life through soccer. That led him to dedicate himself to coaching youth soccer, which he describes as "a chance to make my life better by making others‘ lives better." His journey, however, didn’t begin as a youth soccer coach. He started as a Peabody Youth Soccer referee, where he also graduated high school. From there, he became a Salem YMCA after-school counselor. He continued his involvement in the soccer world, becoming St. Mary‘s (Lynn) Varsity Assistant Coach, followed by Salem State College Goalkeeper Coach, North Shore United Soccer Club Coach (’09), Director of Coaches in Danvers, and today, as Beyond Soccer’s Director of Soccer Development. Chris is ready to apply these diverse experiences and learnings to the Lawrence community.

Fun fact: He likes to think that he is very good at chess!

Marleti "Leti" Valdez

Marleti "Leti" Valdez

Assistant Director of Beyond Volley

Leti moved to the United States with her family from the Dominican Republic when she was a child. Not too long after getting settled in Massachusetts, she earned her position on the high school varsity volleyball team as a freshman. A lot of that had to do with her father, Marino, who "lived, ate and dreamed volleyball." Today, in addition to leading Beyond Volley, assists the Lawrence High School Team as its Assistant Coach with her father.

Leti says "being able to be a best friend and offer a shoulder to cry on when my players need it is why I love coaching." She always tries to put herself in their shoes and tries to be as understanding as possible. "Seeing their faces during every practice or game as they hug me shows me why what I do is so important."

Fun(ny) fact about Leti: "At 13 years old I was translating for a New England volleyball club for my Dad. These early experiences lead me to find my greatest passion."

Lindsey McArdle

Lindsey McArdle

Health & Wellness Director

Lindsey brings her passion for health and nutrition education to the team. She captained the Boston College Lady Eagle’s Women’s Team where she earned a degree in Communications and Health Sciences. After graduating from BC, Lindsey moved to Chicago and got her culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu. She’s now using that experience to run cooking and nutrition education courses in our Health Kicks! Teaching Kitchen, and fitness training to our travel team participants (i.e. BeyondFit).

Lindsey also works part-time at Granite State Fitness with her long-time boyfriend, and owner, Steve, who also donates time training student-athletes in the summer collaborative effort, Lawrence Sports Leadership Academy!

Fun Fact: Her daughter Jayla has been a regular fixture in Beyond Soccer programs.

Sadie Farnsworth

Sadie Farnsworth

Forest Foundation Intern & Coach Mentor (& More!)

Sadie began working at Beyond Soccer through our partnership with the Forest Foundation, an organization that focuses on supporting non-profits in the Greater Boston Area. She is a student at Bucknell University, studying Psychology, Spanish, and Education with a concentration in Childhood Support Services where she also plays club soccer, volleyball, and field hockey. When she first came to us, Sadie was not extremely experienced in soccer, besides making her no-cut college club team. However, being a part of the Beyond Soccer family has allowed her to grow her skill set and she’s now a self-proclaimed fan of the sport! She still would not call herself a soccer star per se, but she brings her passion for health, fitness, and cardio to our camps, clinics, and summer programs.

Fun fact: Sadie is an avid runner and has completed two marathons. She’s set to do another in fall 2021!

Born in the Dominican Republic, William is the oldest of 4 siblings, with two younger brothers and a twin sister. He started playing soccer at age 11 for the first Beyond Soccer boys team and wanted to make sure we mentioned that team took 1st place in its inaugural season. At age 17, Will began work as a Summer Coach Mentor and continues to maintain that role while pursuing his nursing degree. He enjoys “learning the personality of each kid and seeing them grow up as the years pass.”

Fun Fact About William: “Originally I did not want to go to play soccer when I was 11, but thanks to my mom who had to drag me out of my house to do so, I have never regretted that day!”

Adam is the middle child with 2 sisters. He is half Vietnamese and half Puerto Rican with dreams of traveling around the world to either start or partner with a nonprofit that works with children. Adam has played soccer since age 4, and even played for the Boston Bolts US Soccer Development Academy team. That means he is really, really good. As a youth leader at his church, he has always loved seeing kids grow up and develop. He said God has led him to these opportunities to connect with kids, which includes 2 years with Beyond Soccer, and most recently as Co-Coach of the Grade 6 Rebels Team.

Fun fact about Adam: Adam loves playing guitar and singing for his church every Sunday.

Cesar joined our coaching staff as an assistant Coach-Mentor in Spring 2017. Cesar, a native of Colombia and a huge soccer fan, was always stepping up to help from the sidelines as a dedicated parent of then 5th grader, Melanie. Beyond Soccer staff knew, right away, that he would be an awesome asset on the "other" sideline! And we were right- Cesar, who now coaches the grade 8 Wolverines, has proven that commitment, dedication and hard work are a great recipe for success-both on and off the field! Cesar’s youngest daughter, Shantel, also plays on our Grade 4 Jaguars team!

Fun fact: "I love the water, even though I don’t know how to swim!"

With a playing career that spans from U12 town soccer all the way to college and the W-League, it was only natural that one of the first things Marcy did when she moved to Lawrence was seek out a city youth program. She came to us with extensive experience coaching U14 travel teams, training high school goalkeepers, and working at soccer clinics and camps. Now 6 years later, she has helped Beyond Soccer with its spring and fall city-wide rec program, has coached the U12 team, the high school age team and currently the new girls grade 4 team- the Jaguars. She has also recently welcomed two additional Ansleys to Beyond Soccer–her children! She has a son and daughter who play in the rec league.

Fun fact: Before becoming a Mom, Marcy rode a motorcycle - she even took a wedding photo while sitting on the bike.

Giovanni graduated from the Greater Lawrence Technical High School and has lived in Lawrence all his life. Giovanni started boxing at the age of 10 and has amassed over 60 amateur fights, totaling 42 wins and 19 losses. He has been ranked in the U.S. as a 3x state champ and 2x regional champ! In addition to boxing, Giovanni has a love of soccer, which lead him to his position as youth soccer coach in Methuen for 7 years before joining Beyond Soccer as part of the coaching staff in 2018.

Gio enjoys "seeing the players enjoy the game and watch them improve as young adults and see them achieve goals, whether it be in soccer or something else." He believes the best thing in life is bringing joy and helping the youths to stay off the streets.

Patricia ("Esme") attended high school at Fryeburg Academy and is now attending UMass Lowell pursuing a doctorate in Physical Therapy. Her experience with sports first began when she played on the Bulldogs team for Beyond Soccer. "The community that Stephanie McArdle built around sports really opened my eyes to the advantages of being an athlete and ever since then I’ve been involved." She was a three-season athlete in high school playing soccer, basketball, and lacrosse and is now Head Coach of Beyond Soccer’s U10 Girls Bulldogs- the same team she first started on! That makes a total of 10 years being part of Beyond Soccer!

Why you enjoy coaching: "I love to see how much the girls improve after every game and their love for the sport grows bigger and bigger." FUN FACT: Patricia has a ferret named Coco!

Lismari grew up with an interest in modeling and very little interest in sports, but after her father opened Merrimackvolley when she was in 8th grade, her interest in the sport grew. Lismari started to play more competitively and because of her hard work with Merrimackvolley, she made the high school varsity team as a starting freshman. She was also named Senior Captain, Player of the Year in a nationwide tournament and Boston Globe Player of the Week.

Fun(ny) fact about Lismari: "For the past two years, I had gotten injured during the state semifinals right before the game and still played. Those are also my two highest scoring games for the season"

Bruce, a UMass Lowell student, is studying Biomedical Engineering. Before UML, he played soccer at Methuen High School for four years. After graduation, 1/ ½ years ago, he started coaching with Beyond Soccer because he has a deep love for the sport and working with kids. "I love helping people learn and improve on things that they once thought to be impossible. Self-doubt leads to negative things down the road so I try my best to make sure the kids have the correct mindset moving forward. The majority of sports boil down to a mental battle of who gives in first and you can bet it won’t be my kids!"

Fun fact: "I love teaching and talking to people about stocks and the economy!"

Dominic, a native of St. Vincent, with strong community ties near and far, has stepped into a leadership role at Beyond Soccer. His passion for the game plus his knowledge and soccer experience, including professional play, make him an incredible fit. In addition to coordinating practices, games and off-the-field events of the 4 boys teams, Dominic also leads the Grade 6 Thunder. Apart from being with his family, he says "I’ve found another family which is beyond soccer." Dominic also attends Middlesex Community College where he is pursuing his nursing degree.

Fun Fact: Dominic‘s two young daughters participate in Beyond Soccer!

Anne started playing soccer at age 9 and continued playing after college in the Eastern Mass Women’s League. Most of her friendships have been made through soccer. Every time she moved she sought out a team and instantly found herself surrounded by like-minded people. It’s obvious she wants to create those same connections for her Grade 6 Bulldogs, a team she’s coached 3 seasons. Her involvement with us came after a social media share by a student in the I Have a Dream Program, a program she worked that helped 63 Arlington Middle School students pursue their dream of higher education. She feels like that program, sponsored by Dee and Kingman Webster, has come full circle! Now she is showing girls what is possible when they are given more opportunities. FUN FACT: Anne has run the Boston Marathon 3 times, plus a marathon in San Diego and the Marine Corps!

Kelsey is the middle child & has an older sister & younger brother. She loves her job as a middle school nurse in Haverhill. She also coaches girls soccer @Greater Lawrence Tech’s. "I am a firm believer that you can do anything if you work hard for it. I started playing soccer at 3 b/c my dad loved soccer, & further his dad loved soccer. They instilled, in me, that love of soccer." Kelsey continued to play at Worcester State U. where she earned her Nursing degree. Kelsey shares that there aren’t many things in life that make her happier than playing soccer. "Being able to share that passion as a coach & watch children foster that same love, is why I coach."

Fun fact: "My mom & aunts were Patriots cheerleaders in the 80’s but I never did cheerleading. Soccer all the way!"

Over the summer, we hire 8 full-time Beyond Soccer youth who have grown up in our programs to be part of our Youth Jobs Program. This summer we distributed $28,000 in youth employment stipends, bringing our summer jobs program total to more than $55,000 since 2013, with 100% of our Summer Youth Jobs participants reporting their experience “as overwhelmingly positive,” with most gaining a stronger sense of self-worth and accomplishment after their 8-week experience. Oriagna Inirio, 8-yr Beyond Soccer participant and the twin sister of Will Inirio said, “It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I get to teach kids the sport that has taught and influenced me so much.” The group pictured above led our most successful summer with more than 600 hours of sponsored activities!

Our Summer Coach Mentors

An exciting and important part of our coaching model is connecting youth who have grown up in our programs to leadership roles as Coach-Mentors. In Summer 2019, 17 Summer Hires, including 10 Beyond Soccer high school graduates and college students, who grew up in our programs, worked as Coach-Mentors running our busy summer camps that reached 509 kids between June and August 2019. Summer 2020 was difficult with COVID-19, cutting our summer staff in half, but they still persevered and 8 Summer Coach Mentors engaged 245 youth and teens.