#PlayItForward for Lawrence Youth in our 2nd Decade!

It’s a historic moment in youth sports & sport-based youth development (SBYD), and our commitment continues to increase in response to recognized gaps in quality, year-round sports access in cities like Lawrence. That commitment included entering our second decade with a new three-year strategic plan designed to strengthen our scope of services, especially off-the-field through Academic Overtime or expanding leadership opportunities like Luiz and Michael pictured above contributing to our 12th Annual Sport & Wellness Camp as Summer Coach Mentors.

YOUR donation will advance this focus on youth development through sports, most notably by better engaging our community of older players, program alums, and parents (through FUSE), a central plan priority that’s been at the heart of our mission but requires more resources & partnerships. #TY for considering a donation to our #PlayItForward Appeal.

If we raise $100,000 by June 1, 2024, Cummings Foundation has pledged an additional $50,000.

Achieving the Cummings Foundation Challenge will enable the scholarship to be offered in perpetuity! This fund will benefit more Lawrence youth every year, like Luiz Lopez, the first recipient.

Donations will be made through our safe, integrated donor management system, Little Green Light which supports payments through Stripe

A trusted payment service provider that accepts credit and debit cards or other payments.