• Player Spotlight

    “Beyond Soccer has been my extended family. They have been with me every step of the way, even in high school, all the way up in Maine.” – Oriagna

  • Parent Spotlight

    “The encouragement, support and opportunities that Beyond Soccer has given my daughter without a doubt have impacted her in extraordinary ways.” – Francina

  • Volunteer Spotlight

    “It’s so exciting to see young kids getting involved in a sport that I grew up playing. I love teaching them new tricks, rules of the game, and watching them run around. One of my favorite memories with is volunteering at their summer camps. It’s a great chance to get on a closer level with the players and spend the day with them.” – Deven

  • Partner Spotlight

    “Unfortunately, poverty can severely limit a young girl’s involvement in physical activity and sports, most of which have associated costs including program fees or the cost of equipment, uniforms and sneakers.” – Linda

  • Staff Spotlight

    “The best part is being able to make a difference in kids’ lives, helping them improve every day and making sure they are giving and getting the most out of our programs.” – Edgar