“They do a very good job with the kids. They help them progress physically and mentally so they won’t be stuck at home doing nothing. Thank you for your collaboration!” – Volleyball and soccer parent

My kids were pretty inactive and shut off socially for over a year due to the pandemic. I’m so happy they had the opportunity to play with beyond soccer again! My daughter felt healthier and my son’s behavior improved because he got to burn off all that energy he couldn’t before while stuck in the house. They both got to see friends from school that they missed due to online learning so this was a win/win! – Soccer parent

“It has brought me joy to see him come back to his old self and even show improvement in so many areas. Sports have had a very positive impact in his behavior and emotional health; therefore and it’s been greatly helpful to our mother-son relationship as well. It really made all the difference to us. Thank you all for being part of this amazing program! – Soccer mom

It made all the difference. Social interaction and being active is so essential to his emotional health. My child had been showing signs of depression until school reopened and sports were available to him. – Soccer parent

He was extremely satisfied that he got to go out and see his friends and coaches too. – Soccer parent

Better health and better behavior because it’s about more than exercise it’s also about discipline. – Soccer parent

It has brought me joy to see him (my son) come back to his old self and even show improvement in so many areas. Sports have had a very positive impact in his behavior and emotional health; therefore and it’s been greatly helpful to our mother-son relationship as well. It really made all the difference to us. – Soccer parent

What I miss most about playing sports is the ability to bond with others and share the passion I have to play volleyball with others. This program has impacted me because it has made me a way better volleyball player and has taught me skills, I never knew would help me. – Kilsy, volleyball player

What I missed most about sports during COVID-19 was the teamwork and connection you make with people. During the pandemic, I only had my small group of friends to play with, so the same people. Now with sports back in session, I can work and grow with new people, which is the best thing about volleyball. This program has helped me improve on skills I struggles on, like setting and making more time for volleyball. Before I played volleyball for fun, which I still do but now I play volleyball to be more serious about things and be more responsible. Karly, Volleyball player

This program has impacted me because when we play, I was communicating with other people and I made new friends and we learn behavior and always communicate with your team. Glory, volleyball player

The people are amazing and the coaches as well and most of all they make me feel part of an amazing family. Beyond Volley has impacted me because I love to play volleyball and before I was not interested in any sports but now it gives me more motivation to play. – Crislenny, volleyball player

Being back with Beyond Volley has helped me with a lot of personal stress in my life recently. This program has most definitely changed my perspective on so many things. Before I joined this program, I was really awkward and did not talk much, I feel that I’ve changed as a person because of this program. Malysha, volleyball player

I missed the sense of community that volleyball delivered. Being part of a team was an envy of mine and ever since COVID-19 hit, I had not got to be a part of one. This was a good experience that brought me back to that good feeling of publicity and enjoyment. I love the sport of volleyball, and while the program made me a stronger player, I couldn’t do that without my coaches. Honestly, this program helped me put my pride aside and not worry about being judged. Philip, volleyball player

I missed the feeling of having people there for you but not only that but people who consider you family but not only that I missed playing volleyball with others. This program has impacted me in a big way because it brings me happiness and it gives me motivation to do things and most of all it made a way better player than I was the coaches teach you a lot and support you the whole way.

Beyond Volley was my first sport I attended. I loved that the coaches believed in us and made us feel more confident they are also very kind. I would recommend this program to family and friends because it is crazy fun and amazing to have amazing coaches teaching you. – Faith, volleyball player

This program allowed me to make new friends and to get comfortable in social situations where I need to speak both Spanish and English to other people.it also has allowed me to improve my leader skills and learn how to help others out in a way that’s different but manageable for every single person I help. It also has allowed me to be able to play during a time that was very difficult on all of us and being back on the court has really helped me overall. – Heidy, volleyball player

Before joining the program, I was the type of student to just join academic programs. Although these programs are great, they focus just on individuality. Then during my 7th grade year, I decided to try out for a sport, that sport was volleyball. This is where I met coach Leti. She introduced me to her program Merrimack Volley which is known beyond volley now and she recommended just trying it out. I went to the first play night they had during the week, and I was the first hand, the connection the players had with each other. They were dancing, having fun, as a team and as a family. Seeing that was what made me want to join the program and continue to work as a student athlete. During my years at Beyond Volley. Diralis, volleyball player