Travel Soccer – Lawrence Youth Soccer – Online sign up HERE for current Travel Players for the spring 2019 league.


Since the inception of our first girl’s travel team in 2007, the Wolves, Lawrence Travel Soccer has connected more than 700 Lawrence youth. We started the program because Lawrence kids deserve more opportunities to travel “beyond” the City limits and interact with kids from different communities. Furthermore, we did not want to be the only Essex County, Massachusetts community without league representation.

Our Travel Program currently supports 7 middle school teams, the Grade 4 Storm, Grade 4 Jaguars, Grade 6 Bulldogs, Grade 6 Rebels, Grade 6 Thunder, Grade 8 Wolverines and Grade 8 Strikerz. Our teams proudly compete in the Essex County Youth Soccer League, which means home and away matches every Saturday. We also sponsor U-18 boys and girls teams in the spring. We believe it is important to continue finding ways to support and connect our kids as they reach high school age. Our Fall 2016 program started @ the new Kane Soccer Field, a field developed to grow youth soccer opportunities and to bridge the gap between male and female sports experiences in the City. Unfortunately, that field is currently closed by the City because of poor construction. A major letdown for our youth.

Travel Soccer players benefit from year-round off the field support, emphasizing leadership development, academic achievement and improved health. Click here for our Travel Program Model, which is a minimum of 26-weeks.

A very special thanks to the following past and present travel coaches; Dave Heckendorn, Cesar Cordoba, Anne Lynch, Marcy Ansley, Thomas Chappy, Lindsey McArdle, Margo Fijux, William Inirio, Bruce Costa, Adam Tran, Lucas Skelecki, Katie Espinola, Edgar Esclanate, Dominic Nash, Ellen McArdle, Mike Goodwin, Eric Lundquist, Stephanie McArdle, Elmer Lopez, Ben Shaw, Manny Jacinto, and Johnny Noel, who have contributed so much to our youth. Our programs are possible because of your dedication.