Academic Overtime / Academic Enrichment Support

If you’re a current player interested in extra help, click here! The 2023 Academic Enrichment Program runs 4 days/week, Monday-Thursday 4-6:30 pm.

Academic Enrichment Support


The current cohort of winter 2023 tutors are from Merrimack College’s Service Learning Department

Contact PT Enrichment Coordinator, Will Inirio

Former Player, Willliam Inirio is now leading this effort. Email: [email protected] for questions!

Program History

Academic mentoring is a growing area of focus. We require all travel players to share their report cards. If we learn that a player is struggling in school, we do not exclude them from our teams/programs but rather seek out mentors or other academic resources to help. In 2018 we hosted an after-school tutoring program, or Academic Overtime, for a handful of students with academic needs. It was staffed and coordinated by the wonderful Diane LaMonica, who had more than 25 years of teaching experience. Covid-19, unfortunately, shut that effort down, but we restarted last spring, and now William Inirio, a former player, now Central Catholic High School coach, and soon-to-be nurse, has stepped up as our part-time Enrichment Coordinator and brought back this important off-the-field focus this winter!

We also learn about our players’ non-soccer interests and find opportunities to fuel those interests through local partnerships. As an example, students with a propensity for art were connected to creative design, photography, and ceramics programs at Essex Art Center. For our oldest participants entering high school, we also monitor their transition and support them where needed. We also write dozens of high school and college and job recommendations every year!

Overall, we are constantly reinforcing classroom achievement, and because we offer such a powerful hook through sport, our participants stay with us for an extended period of time and are more open to “off the field” enrichment opportunities that both expand and challenge their minds.

In an effort to promote “student-athlete”, every fall and spring season, our middle school travel teams (12 teams, or 250+ kids) compete for “the highest team GPA”. The team or team(s) with the greatest overall improvement from weeks 1 to 12 is awarded a team-chosen group outing/field trip.

Some of our Past & Current Academic Enrichment Partners and Friends:

  • Diane La Monica, retired teacher
  • Merrimack College Service Learning Department
  • UMass Lowell Men’s Soccer Team
  • Merrimack River Watershed
  • Essex Art Center
  • Lawrence Community Works
  • Merrimack College Soccer Program