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Marleti "Leti" Valdez

Marleti "Leti" Valdez

Director of Beyond Volley Programs

Volleyball Coach, Marleti "Leti" Valdez, moved to the U.S. with her family from the Dominican Republic when she was a child. Not too long after arriving in the states, she would earn her position on the high school varsity volleyball team as a freshman.

Why you enjoy coaching: "Being able to be a best friend and offer a shoulder to cry on when my players need it. I have always tried to put myself in their shoes and I try to be as understanding as possible. Seeing their faces during every practice or game as they hug me shows me why what I do is so important."

Fun(ny) fact about Leti: "At 13 years old I was translating for a New England volleyball club for my Dad. These early experiences lead me to find my greatest passion."