Annual International Grass Tournament

The International Grass Tournament was developed with the goal of providing an extraordinary volleyball experience for players and their families, over the summer months. We wanted them to benefit from an unforgettable, first-of-its-kind unifying sports experience in Lawrence where they’d get the chance to compete, interact, share and socialize, in a fun, festival-type atmosphere with other teens their age with one common denominator; their love of volleyball. 

Since its start in 2016, 150 different families have benefited from this experience. Further, it’s reach and impact extends far beyond the city limits. Families and players travel from all over New England and the United States to participate. It even engages players as far away as the Dominican Republic, where founders, Marino and Leti Valdez are from. 

Continued positive feedback, plus City of Lawrence support has helped grow annual participation and interest. This July would mark its 5th year and we can’t wait to reconnect with so many friends, near and far.

“It was so disappointing to cancel the tournament this summer. June 2020 would have marked its 5th year. This event was created by me and it’s one of the best tournaments around. I’m proud of it and everyone involved. Even though it takes the most time and energy to pull off, I believe it gets to the most hearts and reaches the most families. We obviously have so much to work ahead to continue to grow it, and come back stronger after COVID-19, but with more time and resources it’ll be perfect.” – Marino Valdez

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