School-day Sport & Health Programs
(Sport, Fitness, Team-building & Nutrition Education Activities)

In response to the State-appointed Receiver’s school turnaround plan, which incorporated an extended school-day and a call for community enrichment partner participation, we developed our first school-day Soccer & Wellness Initiative at the Guilmette Elementary School. At the time Beyond Soccer began working with Guilmette’s 300 students (2012), the school was designated a Level 3-failing school. Today, 1,750 students at eight Lawrence Public schools, including the now Level-1, proficient Guilmette school, are benefiting from our soccer curriculum, blended with interactive nutrition and movement activities and team-building games. These programs are designed to help students use their energy to become more focused in school and develop new interests “beyond” the classroom. We also hope school-day participants will join our after-school programs, providing more opportunities for extended participation.

Our Program Approach

  • Small group instruction to encourage participation (i.e. small-sided soccer games of 6-8 students to maximize ball touches and interaction);
  • Team building activities that promote teamwork, inclusion, cooperation, and communication;
  • Other interactive fitness, and recreational activities that gets kids moving while promoting the importance of physical activity;  
  • Consistent messaging throughout the program that reinforces positive behaviors (these messages are supported in our Soccer Word Wall poster, i.e. I Can Get Along with My Teammates);
  • Simple nutrition themes weaved into curriculum (i.e. slow, go, and woah foods)
  • Build positive mentor-mentee, or coach-player, relationships by providing positive messaging and support to all participants;
  • Offer clear and concise instructions to ensure safety and fun for all
  • Help promote confidence and self-esteem for children, regardless of skill level; and
  • Express enthusiasm and passion for materials and activities, sports, and fitness.

Our Current Partners

  • The Community Group
  • The Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence
  • YMCA-Lawrence
  • Guilmette Elementary School
  • Guilmette Middle School
  • Bruce Middle School
  • Community Day Arlington
  • Hennessy Elementary School
  • Lahey Middle School
  • Parthum Middle School